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Expanding Job Opportunities for Ironworkers and their Contractors

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"We have experienced a good amount of growth in recent years, some of which is attributed to the training provided by IMPACT. Thank you for all you are doing!"

Tim Quinn
Quinco Contracting & Maintenance, Inc.

Where Does My IMPACT Money Go?


The Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT) was founded in 2003 with one core mission:  More Jobs! More Ironworkers! More Contractors! More Customers!

So where does my IMPACT money go?

IMPACT provides the entire budget of the Apprenticeship and Training Department, which includes...

  • Development of all training materials
  • The Annual Ironworker Instructor Training Program
  • The National Apprenticeship Competition
  • National Ironworker Welding Certifications
  • The National Ironworker Wind Turbine Training Program
  • Development of the Green Construction for Ironworker training materials
  • Work to acquire $3 million in federal grants for the Apprenticeship and Training Department and locals
  • The purchase of Mobile Training Trailers across North America
  • Contractor access to training reference materials
  • Development of a Distance Learning prototype for training programs

IMPACT also funds...

  • The “Countdown to Zero Fatalities” campaign and all associated marketing materials, including the “Zero Fatalities” wristband and “Deadly Dozen” posters
  • Prevailing Wage Compliance efforts
  • Marketing and training programs for the Shop Department
  • Department of Reinforcing Steel programs
  • The Iron Worker Safety and Health Department
  • Dozens of new welding fume extraction systems and welding booths in local apprenticeship schools
  • A National Safety Insurance/Work Comp Program that develops alliances with major insurance companies and helps our employers lower costs
  • The IMPACT Safety & Health Roundtable, which brings all the major organizations in the Ironworking trade together to address the major safety and health issues in our industry
  • The first-ever Off the Job Accident Insurance Policy in the construction industry in pilot programs around the country
  • Regional Advisory Boards (RAB’s)

DID YOU KNOW: 20% of all contributions go back to your local IMPACT Regional Advisory Board to help fund existing labor-management programs and develop new programs to grow market share and get more work.

IMPACT supports Leadership Training by funding...

  • The development of the Ironworker Foreman Training Program and the Ironworker Foreman Pocket Guide
  • The development of the Ironworker General Foreman-Superintendent Training Package and online course
  • The development of a National Leadership Seminar for labor and management
  • The development of an Annual Business Manager Leadership course
  • Shop Supervisor Training courses and Superintendent Training Courses
  • An IMPACT mentoring program

IMPACT supports Education programs for Ironworkers and Partner Contractors by funding...

  • Courses for contractors conducted at the Annual Ironworker Instructor Conference, the Iron Workers/IMPACT Labor-Management Conference and other locations across North America
  • The IMPACT Construction College (ICC), including Contractor Development Courses to support Ironworkers starting their own contracting business
  • A series of monthly safety Webinars hosted by the Iron Workers Executive Director of Safety & Health
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) training

IMPACT helps Ironworkers and contractors acquire more work by funding...

  • Project tracking to assist local unions and employers in identifying new construction and maintenance projects
  • Major infrastructure lobbying efforts around the country
  • Lobbying and legislative efforts to promote Collectively Bargained Work Comp
  • Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) subsidies so Ironworkers receive their cards at no charge
  • The National Coordinating Committee for Multi-Employer Plans (NCCMP) to fight for legislation to protect our pension plans
  • A consultant for AISC Erector or Shop Certification
  • Legal efforts to protect the work jurisdiction of our Ironworker employers
  • An Industry Coalition Leader to fight proposed regulations from FASB
  • Promotion of Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s)
  • Lobbying efforts to fight Right to Work legislation

IMPACT supports Marketing/Member Engagement by funding...

  • Development of “Entering the Circle of Trust: Marketing Skills for Ironworkers” training
  • Local and regional marketing efforts and advertising in national trade publications
  • Website design and upgrading for local unions and member contractors across North America
  • A comprehensive social media campaign to tell the story of the union Ironworking industry
  • Distribution of the Ironworker magazine to all contributing contractors
  • Membership engagement – IMPACT Industry Nights
  • Displays to promote the industry at national conferences and conventions
  • Displays for local unions for industry promotion and recruitment

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